Pesto shrimp and parmesan risotto
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There are several things we could say and then just stop and you’d of course run to the kitchen with no explanation because YUM. Like, “creamy parmesan risotto” or “tender, juicy, garlic & lemon marinated jumbo shrimp” or “pan-seared and draped in a bright lush pesto.”

But honestly, what if all of that was part of the same dish and you were already head over heels about it?

It’s true, it’s true. The risotto is tender and rich and feels so special, the subtly sweet perfection of the quick marinated shrimp is sealed in with a golden brown sear. The pesto, oh the pesto…fresh, zippy, full of warm summer basil flavor. This one’s a treat.

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Have you met our truest best friend of pastas and jarred sauces, DeLallo? What dreamboats they are. Just, they never disappoint!

Sometimes jarred pestos can be kind of overly creamy and a dullish green, which can feel a little meh when you are hoping for wow. But DeLallo’s jarred pesto is much brighter, fresher, less creamy, and the flavor is definitely very wow.

It uses handpicked basil, olive oil, crunchy pine nuts & cashews, garlic, Pecorino Romano AND Parmigiano-Reggiano cheeses, so HELLO FLAVOR PARADE! Def recommend getting a few jars of this on hand for yourself.

And because pesto doesn’t require any kind of cooking/heating, it really, really is best to just use at the very end of cooking to maximize all of its fresh flavors!


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Instead, just a hefty swath over that hot seared shrimp and all that olive oil, bright fresh basil, zippy garlic, creamy pine nut, and Parmesan flavor just soars into your hearts and tastebuds.

Here is a packed food and drink award-winning culinary website that began life in 2006, “a leading resource for all food and drink”. The authors pride themselves on coming up with only “meticulously tasted recipes that really work” – and that’s one good reason to check this one out rather than many other food blogs that feature the recipe you’re looking for.

Cooking Techniques

You’ll also find a bit of explanatory science for the cooking techniques involved here, so the avid reader can get a better grasp of what’s really happening while making their favorite dish. If in doubt about what and what not to eat and if eating healthy is your main concern, Serious Eats’s “scientific approach to cooking” makes it your knowledgeable advisor.

Bella Virtue

Bella Virtue

Claire Powell is originally from England and now lives in Minnesota with her husband and two sons.

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