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Gujarat titans beat rajasthan royals to win title in first tournament

Titans captain Pandya took 3-17, including the prize scalp of England's Jos Buttler for 39 to restrict Royals to 130-9

Ukrainian tennis player who returned to defend his country

Stakhovsky switched on the news and from that moment did not sleep or think for three days while he tried

Best 31 food blogs in 2022

Food blogs are where cookbooks meet lifestyle magazines. The bloggers range from home cooks who enjoy sharing their favorite creations, to the famous top chef who uses the virtual space to share their ultimate recipes and top tips.


How To Handle Fashion Pressure and be Confident in Your Skin

A lot of people stress over bigger issues in society, like drug addiction, obesity, violence, overpopulation, education disparity and much more.

The Minimalist’s Jewelry Guide to 2021 fashion trends

Each decade introduces its own signature looks. The 90s bestowed us with denim overalls and tattoo chokers.

China Ramps up Crackdown on Bitcoin Mining

Chinese bitcoin mines are closing as quickly as Blockbusters in the 2000s.On Friday, local authorities in Sichuan province halted operations at the 26 largest local mines.

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