Best 31 food blogs in 2022
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Food blogs are where cookbooks meet lifestyle magazines. The bloggers range from home cooks who enjoy sharing their favorite creations, to the famous top chef who uses the virtual space to share their ultimate recipes and top tips.

Take, for example, the famous duo Anders Husa and Kaitlin Orr , who have made food blogging a daily endeavor, a travel destination, and, ultimately, a life style.

Persian food

Or Hami Sharafi, one of the most dedicated Persian food ambassadors, who shares his first-hand knowledge of his family-operated restaurant and courses in cooking and hospitality in his blog “from the inside”.

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What is common among them all is that they were born out of a passion for food. Without a doubt, the world is a better place now they are in it – and definitely a more delicious one.

Now packed with stunning photography and detailed recipes, food blogs have come a long way over the past decade or so to meet the exacting demands of virtual food lovers.

You might think food blogging is an easy, free time hobby, but creating such informative, visual treats is no easy task. In fact, it is an art (most of the time, anyway), and, as with any serious art, it requires a lot of hard work and dedication. Any cook who wants to give their recipes a twist that stands out needs not only culinary expertise but also a talent for photography (an image speaks a thousand words, remember) and the art of a wordsmith.

And that’s only the basics. Food blogging today takes culinary stories to a whole new level, covering much more than delectable recipes: food travel, product placement, ‘brave’ kitchen experiments, introducing new restaurants. So demanding is it that some famous food bloggers have become the new connoisseurs of the culinary world, with invites to critique some of the best and hottest places to eat around the world.

From the humble platform for sharing recipes, food blogging has become highly competitive. Some bloggers have managed to build productive businesses out of their passion for food, and they come from around the world.


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Whether you look them up for dinner inspiration, or to indulge yourself in great-great grandma’s century old recipe, or simply to feast your eyes on the tantalizing pictures, there are myriad food blogs out there to serve your needs.

Here are our best 30 food blogs of 2020. And maybe, who knows, you’ll get inspired and develop your own food blog to make this unpretentious, but nonetheless exacting, cut.

Food Blogging

When it comes to the ‘official version’, so to speak, of food blogging, the culinary magazines are on top. This is literary the case with Food52, which ranks amongst the gods of the social media food show with no less than 2.7m followers on Instagram. Like all the respected magazines out there, Food52 has its “how to” perks – we can assure you, you won’t get enough of it.

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Here you can find how you can preserve your favorite type of pumpkin, the latest trends in home design, and a hearty recipe for a cheesy green Shakshuka – all packed into beautiful stories, sufficiently long enough to keep you company over your morning coffee, and delivered to you directly by expert chefs and artistic decorators.

And when you’d have had enough of indulging in the mouth-watering recipes and heart-stealing pictures, Food52 has a shop area prepared for you, also packed with home and kitchen goodies.

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Fitz Lauzier

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