7 Things You Should Absolutely Avoid While Studying Abroad
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Everybody on the Web says you shouldn’t party too hard. Why are people so like-minded? It’s because there are numerous cases when students didn’t just screw their trips up but ruined their lives and their future because of student parties abroad. We are not here to scare you, but as a foreigner, you seem more vulnerable than others. This can make you may get hurt. Besides, alcohol, hormones, and burning emotions can lead you astray.

Even if you don’t get in trouble, you are sure to regret the time you spent having hangovers instead of studying.

Neglecting Networking

You still have to communicate a lot with your fellow students. Some of them can become your real friends; others will make useful acquaintances beneficial to your future career. Please mind that parties can be the right way to make friends, as long as you are cautious. But there is quite some choice of other activities that help you to get in touch with other students: volunteering, amateur activities, like student theaters, various student organizations, etc. Besides, it is quite important to stay in touch with your foreign teachers as well. Who knows, maybe someday you’ll have the opportunity to work in this country? So, useful contacts can contribute to your success. After all, you can always email your teachers and ask for some advice about the subject you’ve been studying.

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Having Prejudices!

The opportunity to study abroad may be one of the most exciting things in your life. You can’t ruin it with any prejudices. Don’t be afraid that locals won’t be kind to you and don’t fear of the language barrier. Narrow-minded people never get the benefit of such journeys. For them, it is just another point on their checklist. But the experience is not just about going abroad to study at a particular school; the essential experience is about letting a different culture and different people teach you something valuable.

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To cut a long story short, the main mistake you can make while studying abroad is going to extremes. Listen to your heart, plan, but stay flexible, be open to something new, but don’t forget about your health, make friends, but don’t let new acquaintances influence you negatively.

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