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When you’re in the market for new furniture and you’re not looking to break the bank, there are a few tried and true options that come to mind. But surely there have to be alternatives to IKEA, Overstock, Target and Wayfair, right? Yes. Absolutely. Here are the 12 online furniture stores for good-looking, affordable furniture that you should be patronizing.


Based on the premise that “furniture is like death and taxes; it’s inevitable.” Apt2B is billed as everything from “affordable modern furniture” to the “hippest and most fun site to outfit your home.” Their product selection more than reinforces all those ideals. Whether you’re looking for barstools, a sofa, dining chairs or a desk, Apt2B is chock full of modern furniture that’s reminiscent of creations from all your favorite classical designers without being complete knock-offs, and the prices on most items won’t require you taking out a second mortgage just to furnish a single room.


Founded by four friends with different skills that worked at a different furniture company, Joybird Furniture was created to turn the entire industry on its head. Limited only by their imagination (and sensible things like customer choices as they relate to demand), Joybird creates furniture that’s unlike anything else you’ll find on the market, and they do it at a price point you won’t find anywhere else. Want a bed decked out in one of sixty different fabric colors with multiple wood options? Joybird can do it. Matching or complimentary sofa for an adjacent room? Joybird’s got you. Mid-century modern desk, credenza or TV stand to accompany your other pieces? Joybird can do that, too.


Rather than the traditional furniture sales model that involves the customer, retailers, wholesalers, exporters, manufacturers and all of their agents, Article streamlines the entire process by serving as the proverbial middleman between you and the manufacturer. Founded by four software engineers inspired and challenged by the unfamiliarity of the environment as it related to an adventure north of the Arctic Circle, Article challenges everything you thought you knew about shopping for furniture. Article delivers everything from modern sofas in Italian leather with multiple configurations to marble slab tables with solid oak legs at prices that no show room or furniture store could ever beat. Article is modern furniture without the modern price tag.

Hoot Judkins

Family owned and operated for over half a century, Hoot Judkins started as a paint and wallpaper store that has evolved over generations to become one of the last bastions for real wood furniture and the largest wood furniture store in the Bay Area. From solid Alder wood wardrobes and custom cabinets to promotional black bookcases and solid Mindi wood TV media chests, Hoot Judkins produces real wood furniture that is simple and sturdy while still being made with a style that’s as traditional and old school as you can get without shopping at an estate sale.

All Modern

One of the biggest names on this list, All Modern is part of the Wayfair/Dwell Studio/Wayfair Supply/Joss & Main/Birch Lane conglomerate that pairs modern sofas, desks, chairs, patios, and light fixtures with prices that can only be passed on to you as a result of such a huge operation. You’re not going to get all the unique configuration or upholstery options you’d get from other options on this list, but those places simply don’t do enough business to pass on the same prices that All Modern can. With over a decade in the industry, All Modern has the experience, supply chain and eye for detail that allows you to furnish an entire home as if you were at a fancy design shop, but they can help you do it at a fraction of the cost.

Bob’s Discount Furniture

As the name suggests, Bob’s Discount Furniture is the kind of place you can shop at expecting a bargain. Sofa and loveseat combos for less than eight hundred bucks. Six piece power reclining sectional sofas for less than two grand. An entire Queen bedroom set for less than fifteen hundred bucks. With over eighty showrooms in fifteen different states and a ridiculous online selection, Bob’s is a decades old business that focuses just as much on a good bargain as it does quality furniture. If you’re looking for good-looking, staple pieces with a budget-friendly price tag that skew more towards the traditional, start with Bob’s Discount Furniture.

White on White

ounded almost twenty years ago on the iconic White Street in Tribeca, NY, White Furniture is a New York based furniture shop with a focus that’s equally split between affordability and high-end, modern design. If you want a modern day bed with a mid-century modern style or an American Walnut bench with a durable paper cord seat, White on White furniture is the best place to start. From belt leather seat and back chairs to exquisitely detailed buffets/credenzas/TV stands, White on White has everything you need to stylishly deck out your home or office at a price that, while not necessarily the cheapest, is more than fair given what you’re getting.


Don’t let the iconic designers, eco-friendly focus and passion for modern design fool you, 2Modern is a leading retailer in the home space that’s been delivering incredible value in the home space since the early 2000’s. Whether you want wooden bowl tables, upholstered field lounge chairs, wingback sofas or something rustic with a live edge, 2Modern and their ridiculous collection of designers and vendors has you covered. It’s a one-stop shop for everyone from the modern minimalist to the traditional industrialist and everyone in between–and everything carries a price tag that’s cheaper than doing the design and research yourself.


Crate and Barrel has a cooler, more modern, hipper little brother known as CB2 that you might have seen on the streets with one of their urban storefronts in more than twelve metropolises. The modern home design concept is based on equal parts sleek, clever and in the moment decoration and doing some good, and features everything from a customer choice upholstered modern sofa to a French style patio daybed and geometric dining tables. With gorgeous options, fantastic construction and competitive shipping options, CB2 is a big-brand backed resource for intimate, personal design that’s stylish and ultimately affordable.

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